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Media Buying

QRY is an award-winning media buying agency that helps ecommerce brands use paid media channels to scale efficiently.

Our media buyers are experienced channel experts that understand how to maximize the impact of your paid media campaigns.

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What makes QRY's media buying different?

When it comes to media buying, QRY doesn't just stand out - we redefine the standard. We have mastered the art of harnessing data to make decisions that aren't just effective, but transformative. Our unique approach allows us to quickly and profitably scale ecommerce brands. 

Our media experience gives us a distinct competitive edge. We specialize in media buying for high-growth ecommerce brands that want to reach new audiences and scale quickly. We can effectively balance brand awareness and performance media to grow brands profitably.

We're more than just a media buying agency; we're your transparent partner. With our detailed reporting, we keep you in the loop at all times, offering a clear and insightful view of the impact of your investment. 

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Management and optimization of paid media channels. 

  • Paid Search
  • Paid Social
  • Programmatic
  • Sponsorships

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a media buying agency?

A media buying agency is a specialized company that purchases, manages, and optimizes advertising campaigns for brands. These agencies use their expertise and relationships with various media platforms to reach and engage your target audience.

What is the benefit of a media buying agency?

Working with a media buying agency offers several benefits. They have the expertise to maximize the impact of your advertising campaigns. They save your time and resources by managing the media buying process. They can strategically optimize your ads for optimal visibility and engagement and track and optimize your ads' performance, offering data-driven insights to improve your campaigns over time.

How do I know if I need a media buying agency?

Consider hiring a media buying agency if you want to improve the impact of your advertising but don't have the time, resources, or expertise to manage it effectively in-house. If you're spending a significant amount on advertising but aren't seeing the results you want, a media buying agency could help. They can provide valuable insights, strategies, and optimizations that can increase the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

What should I look for in a media buying agency?

When choosing a media buying agency, consider their experience, especially in your industry or market. Look at their track record of success and ask to see case studies. Discuss their forecasting, optimizing, and reporting approach to ensure it aligns with your goals. And finally, make sure they offer transparent, regular reporting so you can track the results of your campaigns.

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We're proud of the results we deliver

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Scaling a new website in a crowded space.

Expert media buying.

As the ecommerce landscape becomes more crowded, brands have been turning to specialized media buying agencies to find ways to outpace the competition and capture their target audience's attention. 

What is a Media Buying Agency?

A media buying agency specializes in purchasing, managing, and optimizing advertising. These agencies use their expertise with media platforms and partners to get your ads in front of your target audience in the most efficient and impactful way possible. 

Most media buying agencies manage ad campaigns on digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, TikTok and traditional media outlets like TV, radio, and print.

The Benefits of Working with a Media Buying Agency

Partnering with a media buying agency can offer several advantages for ecommerce brands:

  1. Partnerships and Relationships: Agencies have established partnerships and relationships with media partners. As the media landscape constantly changes, these relationships ensure the agency is always aware of new opportunities. 
  2. Time and Resource Savings: With an agency handling your media buying, you save the time and effort of managing the process internally.
  3. Strategic Placement: Media buying agencies deeply understand different platforms and can strategically optimize your ads for maximum impact.
  4. Performance Tracking and Optimization: Agencies monitor the performance of your ads, providing data-driven insights and adjustments to enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Why Every Ecommerce Brand Should Consider a Media Buying Agency

As consumers have more options when shopping online, the best ecommerce brands will have great products and a strategic vision for introducing consumers to their brand. A media buying agency can help your brand cut through the noise, ensuring your target audience sees your ads. The result? Increased brand visibility, traffic to your site, and revenue.

How to Choose the Right Media Buying Agency

  1. Define Your Goals: Be clear about what you want to achieve with your advertising. How much are you trying to grow the business, what is your budget, and what profitability do you need to achieve?
  2. Evaluate Their Expertise: Look for agencies that have experience in your industry and a track record of success in media buying.
  3. Consider Their Network: Agencies with strong relationships and expertise across multiple media platforms can diversify your media mix and reach additional consumers. 
  4. Discuss Their Approach: Understand how they plan, manage, and optimize media buys and ensure their approach aligns with your goals.
  5. Review Their Reporting: Check how they measure and report the performance of campaigns. Regular, transparent reporting is key for ongoing optimization and demonstrating ROI.

The best ecommerce brands understand that a media buying agency is not merely a nice-to-have. These agencies can help brands maximize their advertising spend, reach the right audience, and drive profitable growth by leveraging their expertise, strategic prowess, and data capabilities.



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