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Solving difficult marketing challenges

Leadership & vision
We're passionate about overcoming unique obstacles and delivering innovative solutions for consumer & retail brands.
Brand & performance
We work at the intersection of brand and performance marketing. Our full-funnel strategies build long-term profitable and growth.
Technology powered
Our proprietary technology integrates your campaign data to enable more rapid and effective marketing campaigns.

Our approach

It takes a holistic strategic approach to find the best solutions for the most difficult challenges.

Success starts by fully understanding the challenges, the impacts on the business, and potential opportunities.
Strategic solutions to your most important challenges and opportunities for your business, market, and customers.
Executing the strategic plan to accelerate your business growth.
Regularly reviewing and reviewing the strategic plan and implement to improve outcomes.

Meet Athena

Athena is QRY's proprietary data platform that our brands and strategist rely on to deliver critical insights and drive accelerate brand growth. The platform integrates your data into one unified source of truth.

Our leadership

Samir Balwani
Founder & CEO
Melissa Pope
Head of Client Strategy
Alyssa Forse
Head of Media & Advertising
Jamie Geiger
Head of Operations
Avery Kiesling-Gough
Head of People & Culture

Supporting ambitious brands

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