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About the workshop

Uncover growth opportunities with guidance from a QRY media expert. Our collaborative workshop ensures you have the right resources, tools, and frameworks to maximize your paid media results. Invest in your media success for only $1,000.

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What you will learn

Your obstacles

Identify barriers and gaps that are limiting the effectiveness of your advertising.

Your opportunities

Explore untapped opportunities within your paid media strategy.

Prioritized projects

Prioritize and tackle your most critical paid media issues.

Actionable next steps

Walk away with a targeted action plan ready for immediate implementation.

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Michael Chapin
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Justin Silver
Co-Founder & COO, Aavrani

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Frequently asked questions

What can I expect to take away from the workshop?
Expect to take away a customized strategic blueprint tailored to your brand's specific needs. This detailed plan will outline actionable strategies for enhancing your media presence, identifying both opportunities and gaps in your current approach. Additionally, you'll gain deeper insights into media optimization and growth, directly applicable to boosting your brand's performance in the competitive landscape.
What experience do the strategists have?
Our strategists bring over a decade of expertise in advertising and e-commerce to the workshop. With a robust background in these fields, they are well-equipped to guide you through crafting effective media strategies that are proven to drive results. Their experience spans a variety of market conditions and brand challenges, ensuring that the insights and strategies you receive are both cutting-edge and highly applicable.
How should I prepare for the workshop?
To prepare for the workshop, please review your current media strategies and objectives, and gather any relevant data and analytics reports that could inform our session. Consider pinpointing specific challenges you are facing or areas where you seek improvement. Additionally, compiling questions or topics you'd like to explore during our time together will ensure we focus on what matters most to you. This preparation will help us make the most of our session together.
Who is this workshop best suited for?
This workshop is best suited for CMOs, Marketing Directors, and other marketing leaders who are responsible for shaping and optimizing their company's media strategy. It's ideal for professionals eager to gain a competitive edge through personalized insights and strategies tailored to their brand's unique needs and market conditions.
What does the $1,000 workshop fee include?
The $1,000 workshop fee includes a comprehensive, one-hour, one-on-one session with a seasoned strategist who has over 10 years of experience in advertising and e-commerce. During this session, you'll receive a customized strategic blueprint tailored to your brand’s specific media needs. This blueprint will outline actionable steps and strategies designed to optimize your media presence and drive measurable growth.
What is the cancellation and refund policy?
Our cancellation and refund policy is simple and customer-friendly. If, for any reason, you feel that the workshop did not meet your expectations, we offer a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. You can request a full refund, ensuring that your investment is completely risk-free.

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