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The QRY paid media framework strategically blends brand awareness and performance to propel your DTC brand beyond the limits of traditional performance marketing, driving sustainable, profitable, and predictable growth you didn’t think possible.

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Our team of experienced DTC marketers and paid media strategists understand the unique challenges online brands have to overcome to drive sustained and profitable growth. 

Why brand awareness & performance marketing?

Only focusing on performance marketing can drive a high return on ad spend (ROAS) and profitable results, but it doesn’t grow the business since it only reaches consumers who already know your brand and are ready to purchase. Growing requires investing in brand awareness to reach new consumers, but these campaigns can hurt your overall profitably. Success comes from effectively balancing brand awareness and performance marketing to drive profitable growth.

The paid media process for growth

Balancing brand awareness and performance marketing requires a structured process to be successful. If you invest too much in brand awareness, you hurt your profitability. If you invest too little, you slow your growth. The QRY paid media framework creates a structured process that helps identify and execute against the optimal investments in brand awareness and performance marketing, allowing ecommerce brands to accelerate their growth.

Brand + Performance Paid Media Strategy

The strategy is an outline of exactly who the audience is, what motivates them to purchase, the brand & performance channels we’re going to activate, and the expected outcomes.

Omnichannel Campaign Management

Our team of experts will then launch and manage the daily optimizations of your paid media campaigns across multiple channels. We make sure you’re maximizing your budget while you focus on other things. 

Campaign Measurement & Data Insights

We use our proprietary data platform to determine the impact of your campaigns and the deliver meaningful insights for your business. Better understand the true impact of your brand and performance paid media. 

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VP Digital, Delsey USA

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