Navigating Onboarding at QRY: A New Starter’s Experience

We sat down with our most recent new starter, Charisse, to learn about her experience joining QRY. Charisse has been with QRY for about three months and works as an Account Manager developing long-term strategic plans and driving client success for many ecommerce clients.

Hi Charisse! Thanks so much for your time today. To start us off, tell us about your role here at QRY.

My role as account manager has many layers, but I serve as a liaison between the agency and our clients. I oversee the relationship between the agency and the client, determining their long-term and short-term needs to ensure the agency delivers and helps our clients reach their goals. I work closely with our media and paid strategists to forecast goals and build campaigns to achieve goals.

Tell us about your journey into the digital advertising space and to QRY.

I majored in Advertising/Public Relations and minored in Marketing in college. I wanted to explore different roles within the industry, so I made it a mission to intern for various companies and positions, which helped me narrow down what I wanted to do after college. I tried everything from social media marketing to digital marketing, large corporations, and advertising agencies! Ultimately, working at an agency like QRY was what I wanted for my career because it would allow me to provide more attention to fewer clients, meaning my impact and strategy recommendations would be more significant, comprehensive, and innovative. It takes time to figure out what you want for your career, but I’m glad I finally found my place!

Can you describe your onboarding experience in a few words?

My onboarding experience was incredible! From the moment I joined, I felt very supported by everyone. The process was well-structured and comprehensive, which made me confident that I was being set up for success in my role!

Was there anything that surprised you during your onboarding process?

I was surprised by how strong the sense of community and personal connection is amongst the team. QRY is genuinely invested in the success and well-being of everyone involved, and it showed every step of the way!

Were there any aspects of your onboarding process that you particularly enjoyed?

I really enjoyed being able to learn through different avenues, including videos and shadowing. I was allowed to be very vocal about my learning styles, and this was taken into consideration throughout the entire onboarding process! Having that flexibility is something I was grateful for, and it made onboarding so much fun!

Was there anything you found challenging during your onboarding process?

I think it’s always challenging to transition into a new role as you’re onboarding an agency, the separate teams, and navigating how to make an impact best. However, I think really understanding your role and asking questions that will allow you to meet expectations always helps during the process. QRY supported me throughout the onboarding process, which was amazing!

What support avenues did you have during the onboarding process? Were there any resources or tools that you found particularly helpful during your onboarding process?

I was lucky enough to have many different avenues for support, including my coworkers, training videos, and certifications, to help me understand agency processes, project management tools, client insights, and everything else under the sun. If there was anything I had questions about, there were multiple ways to get me to an answer!

What’s been your favorite thing about working at QRY so far?

Working at QRY has been such a positive experience that it’s hard to narrow it down, but my favorite thing has to be the work culture! Going to work every day, especially remotely, and feeling excited about the people you work with is amazing!

Based on your onboarding experience, what advice would you give to future new starters?

I asked everyone for advice when I first started working at QRY, and most people gave me the same advice I’m about to share – don’t be afraid to ask questions! It can be a little overwhelming to meet new people, learn new processes, and be an expert for new clients, so ask any questions you have because everyone at QRY is eager to help you in any way they can. Also, no question is a silly question!

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