Business intelligence

Clear and actionable data insights for your business.

Turning business data into actionable insights

Attribution & analytics
Understand the true business impact of your marketing and which strategies are working best for your brand.
Data reporting & visualization
Simplify your marketing report and visualize the KPIs & metrics that matter most to you and your leadership.
Data capture & collection
Comprehensive data collection that you can trust to be accurate and complete, so you can make smart decisions.
Data science & AI
Take your data to the next level by identifying business insights and opportunities for your business.

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Measurement and data that just works

Measuring the impact of marketing has become more complex making it difficult for business leaders to truly understand the impact of their campaigns. Our measurement frameworks build a strategic process for capturing, analyzing, and actioning on your business data.

Strategic measurement frameworks
We create a unique measurement framework that tracks the metrics that matter most for your business. Understand the impact of your campaigns and how they're growing your business.

Culture of experimentation
We speak incrementality testing, MMM, and brand lift tests. Our team is passionate about running experiments and proving out the efficacy of your marketing.  

Proprietary data platform
Athena, our data platform, allows us to easily capture and report on important business data and trends. Identify key insights and opportunities quickly, while monitoring your marketing KPIs.  

Accelerating brand growth

“They understood the point at which we are as a company and what we need to do next in order to grow.”

Elish Patel, Head of Digital Marketing & Growth, Peak Design

What we think

"Without QRY, revenue would flatline."

Michael Chapin
VP Digital, Delsey USA

We’ve finally found an agency that can stand the test of time.

Justin Silver
Co-Founder & COO, Aavrani

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