We help brands scale.

Media buying expertise and knowledge that helps e-commerce and DTC brands accelerate growth and scale.

What we do.

Media Strategy

  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Creative Brief & Strategy
  • Measurement Planning
  • Learning Agenda
  • Persona Development
  • Ad Hoc Strategic POV's

Media Buying

  • Paid Search
  • Paid Social
  • Retail Media
  • Programmatic & Display
  • Connected & Linear TV
  • Podcasts & Radio

Data & Analytics

  • Analytics & Data Collection
  • Visualization & Dashboards
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Marketing Attribution
  • Media Mix Modeling
  • Business Intelligence

How we work.

Our teams.

We work in strategic pods. You'll have specialized support across your media channels from a consistent team that works closely with you.

Our process.

We start with a strategic plan and 12-month forecast (our blueprint for success). Then we launch your media campaigns and a comprehensive testing plan (our framework for driving incremental growth).

Our principles.

What happens when things don't go to plan? You want to make sure you know how your media agency makes decisions and reacts. Our advertising principles give you insight into our process and methodology.

Prove assumptions

We never assume something will work. Instead, we always work to prove (or disprove) what we believe. We use our ad experimentation learning agendas to identify and track our tests and the results.

Data informed

We use data to improve our campaigns and achieve our clients’ goals. Data informed means that we use data to create insights and guide our decisions, but sometimes, we have to use intuition, experience, and human intelligence to get the whole picture.

Always simplify

We don’t believe in unnecessary complexity. The more complex something becomes, the more difficult it is to optimize and learn from. That’s why we always find ways to simplify when possible.

Every dollar matters

It doesn’t matter the size of the campaign or the overall total budget, every dollar matters. No matter what. We are stewards of our clients’ budgets and we need every dollar to reach their goals.

Everything with a purpose

Nothing will kill a media campaign faster than optimizing something that doesn’t need to be optimized. Whenever we do something, it’s with a purpose. We never do something, “just because”.

Show your work

Transparency is paramount. Like in math class growing up, we believe in showing our work. We are not a black box media agency. We work with our clients and together create campaigns that scale the brand and grow the business.

QRY has been an amazing partner in our direct-to-consumer growth. They are strategic, engaged, and effective. Thanks to their expertise, we've had our best year ever.

Michael Chapin

VP Digital at Delsey USA

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