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We help brands improve their paid media campaigns and drive more profitable and consistent growth.

Increased total online revenue +66%

Scaled online revenue +142% in 90 days

Grew media attributed revenue +421%

Brands succeed with us because of our paid media framework.

Our paid media process ensures your campaigns reach your most important audiences, incrementally grow your business, and drive profitable revenue.

Full-Funnel Paid Ads Strategy

1: Business Analysis

We start by reviewing your data and analytics to better understand your business, industry, audience, and competition.

2: Marketing Opportunities

Once we deeply understand your business, we outline key insights and identify marketing opportunities for the brand.

3: Media Plan & Forecast

Using the marketing opportunities  and audience insights identified we create an outlined media plan and campaign forecast.

Expert Campaign Management

1: Campaign Launch

Paid media success starts with launching a full-funnel campaign setup. Our team analyzes your campaign data to determine the best structure for you.

2: Proactive Optimizations

Our experienced media strategists use our proprietary data platform to optimize your campaigns, maximizing your budget across all channels.

3: Iterative Test & Learn

We create and execute a comprehensive test and learn plan. The plan outlines key campaign tests and optimizations prioritized based on your KPIs. 

Reliable Measurement & Insights

1: Measurement Plan

We recommend and outline how best to measure the impacts of your paid media campaigns, so you can clearly understand the impact they’re having on your business.

2: Proprietary Reporting

Our reporting platform gives you a single view of your paid media results and the overall business impact. Making it easier for you to track your results and make smart business decisions.

3: Business Insights

We analyze campaign results, business data, and market trends to identify key insights that can be used to improve your paid media campaigns and overall marketing strategies.

If you’re at the stage where you’ve established a baseline of revenue and you’re looking to get to the next level, the team at QRY is the perfect partner to help accelerate your growth. We’ve finally found an agency that can stand the test of time.

Justin Silver

Co-Founder & COO, Aavrani

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