How Illesteva Increased Online Revenue by 219%


Growing brand awareness and increasing online sales

Illesteva is a quickly growing luxury eyewear brand. The brand’s frames are handmade from the finest materials in small family-owned factories in Italy and France and has become a favorite among some of the biggest names in art and culture, such as Lou Reed and Rashida Jones.

The team turned to QRY to help build a digital strategy that would quickly grow brand awareness and increase online sales. The marketing strategy & campaigns lead to Illesteva more than doubling revenue from advertising, while maintaining more than a 3x ROAS.

Illesteva needed to quickly grow its online sales to reach its annual forecasted goals. The brand’s wholesale accounts and celebrity following had built a loyal customer base, but to further grow it would need to expand into new online audiences.

The brand’s aesthetic appeal lent itself to a visual medium, but it was important that the right creative be matched with the optimal audience. The campaigns would need a strong creative testing framework.

Furthermore, while the wholesale accounts introduced the brands to new customers, they created competition in branded search channels; which led to increased cost for high value conversions.


Finding an External Partner to Help Build a Digital Strategy

In order to reach the brand’s aggressive goals, Illesteva needed a comprehensive media plan and channel strategy that focused on building brand awareness, taking advantage of unique flash sales, and testing into new audiences.

The overall campaign framework utilized a multi-segmented audience segment and dynamic ad creative, to ensure each customer was exposed to highly relevant ad creative.

The campaign also addressed competition across branded keywords. Illesteva was able to efficiently maintain brand share of voice by utilizing intelligent bidding practices and tracking incremental revenue from branded search.


Strong Results from Highly Segmented Ad Campaigns

Illesteva’s highly segmented ad campaigns lead to phenomenal results; increasing online revenue by 219% and ROAS by 47%.

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