Apple's Vision Pro and the A/R Revolution for Brands

Apple recently launched the Vision Pro, a headset that allows users to have an immersive computing experience. The headset is changing how brands engage consumers and innovating their customer experience. The Vision Pro opens a new chapter in how consumers and brands interact within digital spaces.

The Surge of A/R Applications by Brands

Brands are developing new apps to take advantage of the Vision Pro's A/R capabilities. It allows them to create immersive digital experiences unique for the brand. We've seen brands like J.Crew, Mytheresa and e.l.f. launch Apple Vision Pro apps, allowing them to engage their customers in exciting ways.

For example, the J.Crew Vision Pro app allows customers to book virtual styling sessions and experience J.Crew's product lines in a different way.

The Strategic Whys Behind the A/R Movement

Why are brands investing in A/R? It really comes down to three key reasons:

  • The target audience is important.
  • It allows for an innovative customer experience.
  • It positions the brand in the Apple ecosystem.

Consumers who can afford the Apple Vision Pro are highly coveted. They're early adopters with disposable income who will tell their friends about the new technology they just purchased. Brands can use their A/R apps to be a part of that conversation and engage with this audience.

As customer acquisition costs continue to rise, brands are continually trying to innovate how they reach and engage with consumers. Launching a new A/R application allows brands to activate a new channel in their marketing mix.

Lastly, launching an A/R application on the Apple Vision Pro's app store allows the brand to join the Apple ecosystem. It will enable new customers to discover the brand within the app store, further positioning it as forward-thinking and interesting.

Charting a Course Through the A/R Landscape

While the opportunity for brands is big, so is the investment. Launching an A/R experience is not simple. It requires a thoughtful and strategic approach.

We recommend brands truly understand their goals for A/R and ensure they offer a truly seamless and immersive experience. Brands that get it right get access to a new marketing channel that can both acquire new customers and continually re-engage existing ones.

We also recommend brands start small to test the waters of A/R and ensure they understand the opportunity ahead. Starting with a more straightforward A/R app (potentially even on the iPhone first) allows the brand the opportunity to collect important data before investing in a larger endeavor.

As consumer behavior continues to shift, brands will have to continually innovate their marketing mix and experience. A/R is one option, fueled by the launch of the Apple Vision Pro, but brands should constantly ask: "How else can I reach and engage with my customer?".


Apple's Vision Pro is revolutionizing the digital interaction landscape with its A/R capabilities, prompting brands like J.Crew and Mytheresa to develop immersive apps for a unique customer experience.

This strategic move taps into a high-value audience of early adopters and integrates brands into the Apple ecosystem, offering a novel way to stand out amid rising customer acquisition costs.

However, venturing into A/R requires significant investment and a strategic approach. Brands should start small, with iPhone A/R apps, to understand the technology and its potential before scaling up their A/R initiatives.

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