9 Ecommerce Technologies You Should Consider for 2023

9 Ecommerce Technologies You Should Consider for 2023

The right technology stack for your e-commerce brand is paramount for driving high growth. Figuring out what is best for you is not easy and changes with the size of your business. 

We recommend you look at where your business is on the five stages of growth and build a technology stack commiserate with the stage. If your brand has reached “Stage 3” and is scaling paid advertising, we recommend you explore these technologies to see if they could fit. 

Marketing attribution

When you’re scaling your advertising, you will start investing in more brand awareness spend. This kind of advertising is difficult to track, measure, and analyze.

Marketing attribution software can help you better understand what channels are working best for you, so you can continue to invest in them; while reducing budgets from the channels that are not performing well.

Tools we recommend:

Tag management

It’s crucial to make sure you have the correct tracking setup. Tags collect campaign data and help you track results. Incorrectly installing your tags means you’ll have the wrong data and incomplete tracking, leading to poor optimization decisions.

For example, most ad platforms use your data to optimize your ad campaigns. If you send the wrong or are missing data, your campaigns won’t perform as well as they could.

Using a tag management system helps ensure your tags are all consistently firing, are optimized for speed, and track all the data available.

Tools we recommend:

Customer research

The best brands understand their customers and prospects. They know what resonates, why they purchase, and how they shop. Using customer research tools enables you to ask questions and get feedback from potential consumers.

Tools we recommend:

Email and SMS marketing

Activating your audiences through email and SMS is an effective way to drive revenue and scale your brand. It’s an inexpensive messaging tool that can make up a significant part of your website revenue when used well.

Using the right tool means having optimal delivery, intelligent triggers, and good marketing workflows.

Tools we recommend:

Website personalization

Increasing your online conversion rate is essential for maximizing your website traffic. Using tools to personalize each user’s experience can improve their engagement with your website and if they ultimately purchase.

Personalization could be showing the best offer, product set, or changing the entire experience based on how the consumer prefers to shop.Tools we recommend:

Landing pages

Another way to increase your conversion rate is by using highly targeted landing pages. Use your hero products or a storytelling page to communicate and focus your consumers on the most critical messages.

We recommend creating landing pages, using paid media to drive traffic, and then a/b testing the experience to optimize your campaign effectiveness.

Tools we recommend:

Payment flexibility

The checkout flow has evolved over the years. Now, instead of paying on checkout, there are no options for how we pay for the products we want to purchase.

Letting customers choose the best option for them will increase your conversion rate and reduce cart abandonment.

Tools we recommend:

Customer service

Acquiring new customers is difficult; growing brands know that making sure your customers are happy is integral for scaling. Creating a high touch or exceptional customer service can be a brand differentiator.

A customer service platform can maximize your impact while driving efficiency. The goal is to solve your customers' problems most quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Tools we recommend:

Competitor data

As you grow, the impact of your competitors begins to affect your marketing and brand strategies significantly. The more you understand what your competitors are doing, the better you can react and pivot.

Examples of strategies you want to ensure you understand include pricing, sale, promotion, and product.

Tools we recommend:

What’s next?

You won’t need all these tools to succeed, but you should start by identifying the most impactful ones for your brand and its strategy.

Need help figuring out where to start? Click here to talk to our strategist.

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