21 eCommerce & Marketing Resources You Need to Follow

Knowledge is invaluable, especially in an industry that is ever-evolving. If you want to succeed and future proof your business, you need to know the latest industry trends, marketing strategies, and news.

Staying on top of it all can be daunting. Which is why, we turn to these resources to keep us informed.

eCommerce marketing resources

  1. eCommerceFuel is a community for serious ecommerce managers and marketers. The private forum is extremely valuable and the podcast is one you don’t want to miss.
  2. eCommerce Marketing Podcast is a fantastic resource filled with strategic and tactical recommendations. It’s a podcast that’s worth listening to.
  3. A Better Lemonade Stand is a well organized blog full of easy to read content. The breakout of “Build”, “Launch”, “Grow” makes it easy to find the content that matters most to you.
  4. Practical eCommerce is a website that publishes expert insights to help ecommerce businesses be successful. The content goes beyond just marketing and includes general ecommerce best practices and strategies.
  5. Digital Commerce 360 is a paid website with lots of valuable ecommerce research. You can sign up for a free account to get access to some of the strategic research.
  6. E-Commerce Times covers important news and trends for ecommerce and ebusiness. Their content covers topics such as marketing, cyber fraud, mobile commerce, and general trends.
  7. Web Retailer has in-depth and well research guides that cover marketing, wholesale, marketplaces, fulfillment, taxes, and even selling your business.
  8. Shopify publishes a blog and podcast with content meant to help people start and grow ecommerce businesses. We’ve really been enjoying their founder stories - https://www.shopify.com/blog/topics/founder-stories
  9. BigCommerce is another ecommerce platform that also has a blog. They publish content around starting and growing ecommerce businesses, but also include a section for enterprise ecommerce.
  10. Sumo is a collection of tools designed to automate marketing. Their blog is focused on growing your website and is full of tactical “how to” content.
  11. YotPo is a suite of tools designed to help brands manage reviews, loyalty, referrals, and more. They publish content around marketing, collecting reviews, building loyalty, and driving referrals.

General marketing & news resources

  1. Forbes Magazine has a CMO Network section that we highly recommend for marketing news and strategy.
  2. Entrepreneur covers growth strategies and marketing. Their content is easy to read and a good mix of strategic and tactical.
  3. Inc.com is a valuable resource for any business owner. While it is a paid for publication, we’ve found the content to be strategic and easy to read. We especially like how the website is structured, with the content broken out into “Startup”, “Grow”, “Lead”, “Innovate”.
  4. Business Insider’s advertising sectionpublishes the latest in advertising news and insights. While it is a paid subscription, the publication also includes some free content as well.
  5. Harvard Business Review does not publish a lot of marketing content, but it’s too valuable a resource for business leaders for us to leave it out. If you are in a management or leadership role, HBR is a worthwhile investment.
  6. American Express Business Trends & Insights has a whole section on marketing and advertising written specifically to help educate businesses on how to get more customers. The content is updated regularly and often written by other business owners, giving the content a unique point of view.
  7. Small Business Trends publishes small business news and interviews with other business owners. They focus on practical content that you can apply to your business.
  8. SmartBrief Marketing is a website and email newsletter that publishes the latest marketing and advertising news. If you want to know what other businesses and brands are doing, this is the destination for you.
  9. AdAge is a publication for advertising and marketing professionals. We recommend subscribing to AdAge, if you are looking for news, insights, and inspiration from other large brands.
  10. AdWeek is another industry publication for advertising and marketing professionals that want to stay up to date on the latest news, trends, and technologies.

Think we missed a resource? We’re always looking for more. Let us know who your favorites are on LinkedIn.