You could be scaling and growing faster.

Our media methodology and testing framework helps e-commerce & direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands grow faster and scale more profitably.

What makes us different from every other advertising and media agencies?

We're specialized.

We focus on what we do well (media buying) for a very specific type of client (e-commerce and dtc brands that want to scale). That means we have all the tools, frameworks, and expertise to consistently achieve success.

We're strategic.

We keep a strategic perspective on our campaigns and engagements. We look to understand the brand's goals and always help find the most effective way to achieve the best outcomes.

We're transparent.

We believe in "showing your work" and giving context to everything that we do. We ensure our clients understand the strategy, are aligned on expectations, and have clarity into the work we do.

We're partners.

We view our engagements as relationships — not vendor agreements. We go the extra-mile to exceed our clients' expectations, deliver an exceptional experience, and help ensure success.

QRY has been an amazing partner in our direct-to-consumer growth. They are strategic, engaged, and effective. Thanks to their expertise, we've had our best year ever.

Michael Chapin

VP Digital at Delsey USA

Scale & grow faster.

We understand how to help grow an e-commerce brand. We have the tools and frameworks needed to help you scale and grow faster.

QRY Media Plan Example
QRY Data Dashboard Example

Understand your data better.

We've created specialized dashboards, reports, and analysis for e-commerce and direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands to help them monitor and track the metrics that matter most.

Have more questions?

Outlined here is a simple Q&A to help you learn more about how we work. If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out.

We specialize in mid-market e-commerce and direct-to-consumer brands. We best support brands with high-growth aspirations, that are looking to scale.

We've found that our team is most effective when managing clients who are committed to spending at least $40K per month. Our learning plan requires enough relevant data to ensure that we're successful.

If you're not spending $40K per month but interested in engaging the QRY team, we've created custom strategy engagements that might be a better fit. Reach out to learn more.

Our team works remotely throughout the United States. We pride ourselves on having a expreienced, knowledgeable, and professional in-house team.

Our typical engagement starts with a 30-day strategic deep dive into the brand and its goals. We use this engagement to better understand the brand, its customers, and the goals. During this period we'll create our overarching media strategy and forecast.

Once the initial media strategy is completed, our team begins managing and optimizing the media campaigns. We make regular optimizations to maximize the impact of the media platforms.

You'll receive access to our proprietary media dashboard which outlines key KPIs. Our team will share monthly reporting updates, highlighting key results and opportunities for future growth.

Our team also create a testing plan for your brand. The testing plan outlines key campaign tests and optimizations the team will be executing, prioritized based on expected impact to the business. The outputs of these tests, inform future media strategies and campaign ideas.

Each client is assigned a pod, made up of at least an account strategst, media strategist, and search strategist. We may add additional expertise and support based on the size and complexity of the media plan.

Our teams are communicating daily via email to make sure constant alignment and understanding. We'll have weekly updates and bi-weekly touchbases to make sure you can connect with the strategist directly and have clarity on what's work and what's not.

Ready to start?

Connect with a strategist to learn how our media buying strategy and framework could help you accelerate your growth.

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