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The QRY Paid Media Process enables e-commerce brands to more effectively reach new customers and accelerate growth.

Scale faster with the QRY Paid Media Process.

The QRY Paid Media Process is a strategic roadmap for launching, managing, and optimizing sustainable and scalable paid media campaigns. Balancing investments in brand awareness and performance campaigns allows us to maximize performance while growing the brand.

Brand Awareness Campaigns

Scaling a brand starts with building brand awareness and driving brand demand. Launching and managing brand awareness campaigns allows the brand to reach and engage with future customers.


Performance Campaigns

Maximizing performance requires paid media campaigns to ensure the brand is present when consumers are ready to purchase. As brand awareness and demand increase, performance paid media campaigns can scale.

Supported by a strategic partner

Accessible paid media experts

You work directly with the paid media strategists on your team, giving you access to the experts managing your campaigns.

Resources to accelerate growth

We specialize in e-commerce advertising. We've created tools, resources, benchmarks, and insights to help you scale faster.

Strategic roadmap for success

The QRY Paid Media Process creates a roadmap for accelerating brand growth, outlining how we will achieve your goals.

"The key is that QRY always makes sure to understand what our goals are. It’s wonderful working with a team that feels like they are part of the company."


Elish Patel

Head of Digital Marketing and Growth, Peak Design

Our results.

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QRY Helped Peak Design Drive a 66% Increase in Online Revenue
Delsey Partnered with QRY to Grow Online Revenue 142%

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