January 2024 Data Trends & Insights

With our distinct data set, we have the capability to observe and analyze trends in KPIs for rapidly growing lifestyle e-commerce brands.

In January, our efforts yielded notable efficiency gains across various key metrics. There was a significant 26% decline in CPM, accompanied by a 27% decrease in CPC with a promising 2% increase in CTR. These improvements underscore our strategic budget allocation and effective targeting, resulting in a commendable 27% increase in ROAS.

Despite the typical post-holiday lull, January remained steady as consumers displayed continued engagement and conversion activity. While we experienced a 14% decline in CVR MoM, CTR exhibited consistency, signaling consumer interest and intent as they resumed research for their next purchase.

What’s Next?

Valentine’s Day!

In the early days of February, with not even a full week elapsed, we observed an 11% rise in CTR and a 15% rise in CVR. This trend signals a swift return of consumer engagement as individuals begin purchasing Valentine’s Day gifts for loved ones or even themselves.

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