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E-commerce insights from QRY

Marketing & advertising news, trends, and analysis for high-growth e-commerce and direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands.

Ultimate Guide to Marketing Attribution for Paid Media

Understanding and tracking the performance of your ad campaigns is essential to optimize their success. However, determining which campaigns are driving conversions can be..

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Marketing Attribution Tools: Northbeam vs. Rockerbox vs. Triple Whale

When iOS 14.5 launched, it impacted the ability of advertising platforms to track the impacts of their campaigns accurately. Marketers now can not clearly track which channels,..

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Calculating a Break-Even ROAS & Why It’s So Important

Your brand’s break-even return on ad spend (ROAS) is an important metric for maximizing your ad campaigns’ revenue and long-term growth.

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Nine e-commerce technologies you should consider for 2023

The right technology stack for your e-commerce brand is paramount for driving high growth. Figuring out what is best for you is not easy and changes with the size of your..

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Important advertising metrics on the E-commerce Secrets to Scale podcast

Samir joined Tanner from the E-commerce Secrets to Scale podcast to talk about key e-commerce metrics you should track for your online store. In this episode, we talk about the..

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Stages of advertising on the E-commerce Revolution podcast

Samir joined Ramin on The E-Commerce Revolution podcast to talk about the five stages of e-commerce advertising. We talked about the following:  How QRY determines what stages..

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How to create a paid media forecast and plan.

A comprehensive media plan and forecast is one of the most important tools for a scaling brand. It clearly outlines how you will scale your brand and drive additional revenue from..

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Scan on the Go: How QR Codes are Changing the Advertising Game

Note from QRY: This post is by Amy Huang from Brij, one of our technology partners. QR codes have continued to grow in popularity, and consumers are used to engaging with them...

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How to Setup Invoicing with Ad Platforms (and Why You Should).

E-commerce businesses need to be thinking very thoughtfully about cash flow management. Cash flow is key because it determines how much you can invest in inventory versus how much..

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