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E-commerce insights from QRY

Marketing & advertising news, trends, and analysis for high-growth e-commerce and direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands.

How to Improve Your E-commerce Conversion Rate

Website conversion rate is one of the most powerful levers a brand has for increasing its overall revenue. Conversion rate is the rate at which website visitors purchase from the..

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How to Increase Your Average Order Value (AOV)

One of the easiest ways to quickly impact your brand’s revenue is to increase your average order value (AOV). Implementing simple strategies could help you quickly improve your..

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The Five Stages of DTC & E-commerce Advertising

When brands are scaling their advertising, they go through five stages of growth. Ultimately, the brands are working towards creating a mature advertising program that drives..

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5 Common Mistakes Agencies Make That Hold Back Your Brand

We regularly work with brands that feel stuck and can’t scale their businesses, even after engaging a “performance” marketing agency. Not all agencies are made equal, and many..

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Why A High ROAS Is Not Always Good

We’re constantly seeing ads from “marketing experts” and “advertising consultants” about how they can create ad campaigns with 10x+ or 20x+ ROAS (return on ad spend). While that..

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The Importance of Revenue Forecasting for Consumer Brands

Do you know how much your business will make in the next month, quarter, or year? Getting your revenue forecasting right is essential for every business, regardless of size. Your..

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How to Profitably Scale Your Media Spend

Scaling profitably is a major challenge for brands. Most aren’t able to achieve that kind of growth because they’re missing the tools and strategies they need to be successful...

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How We Maintain Our Culture While Being 100% Remote

When you’re 100% remote, one of the hardest things to do is to maintain your company culture. Since you’re not all in the same space and interacting with each other every day,..

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Do You Have a Learning Agenda for Your Advertising?

When we work with clients, one of the first things we outline is a learning agenda. We know the most important thing for scaling a brand is identifying the levers that lead to..

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