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No more paid media uncertainty.

The QRY Paid Media Process is the our process for using paid media to scale brands, sustainably and predictably.

Media buying expertise is critical

Scaling paid media campaigns has become more difficult than ever before.

Rising advertising costs

Increasing costs of advertising are impacting acquisition costs and reducing ROAS.

Increasing competition

More and more brands are entering the market, making it more difficult to differentiate.

Increased reliance on AI & ML

Advertising platforms are becoming more sophisticated and technical.

Do you need a smarter paid media strategy?

Consistent growth starts with a data-driven media strategy focused on scale.

Acquisition costs outpace your revenue growth

Your campaigns are quickly plateauing and you're unable to continually scale.

Revenue growth could be more consistent.

Your revenue increases quickly but drops again to where it was, slowing your overall growth.

You need to know what works and why.

You need to be clearer on why certain ads, channels, or strategies work, making it impossible to replicate success.


Your brand growth powered by QRY.

The QRY Paid Media Process is a proven framework and methodology for growing brands.

Consistent scale and growth

Media strategies that balance brand awareness and performance marketing to drive brand growth continually.

Clear understand on path forward

Comprehensive media strategies and forecasts that create transparency and outline a roadmap for success.

Iterative testing to know what's working

An experimentation plan that focuses on the most impactful KPIs and elements for scale.


Paid media that drives sustainable growth.

Scalable and sustainable paid media campaigns balance investments in brand awareness and performance campaigns. The goal is to maximize performance while growing the brand audience continually. We do this by implementing the QRY Paid Media Process.

Brand Awareness Campaigns

Scaling a brand starts with building brand awareness and driving brand demand. Launching and managing brand awareness campaigns allows the brand to reach and engage with future customers.


Performance Campaigns

Maximizing performance requires paid media campaigns to ensure the brand is present when consumers are ready to purchase. As brand awareness and demand increase, performance paid media campaigns can scale.

What is the QRY Paid Media Process?

The QRY Paid Media Process is a strategic roadmap for launching, managing, and optimizing sustainable and scalable paid media campaigns.

1: Omnichannel media strategy

2: Detailed campaign forecast

3: Experimentation plan

4: Paid media execution

5: Campaign analysis & insights

Ready to get started?

Connect with a strategist to learn how our paid media process could help you accelerate your growth.