Jump starting Loll Designs' digital commerce.

We created a full-funnel advertising campaign that highlighted the brand story and drove high AOV purchases.

The Challenge

Loll Designs’ online store had limited brand awareness. Consumer knew about the unique products, but didn’t know they could be purchased online. The brand needed to create brand awareness and educate key audience targets, to ensure that new customers continued to purchase Loll Designs online.

Also, since the brand had not invested heavily in digital advertising previously, the business had limited data on what worked or what wouldn’t work for their website or audiences. The lack of data would make it difficult to quickly scale the campaign without a process or methodology for gathering key insights.

Campaign Results

Increased Web Traffic
Increased Revenue
Increased Transactions

Our Approach

The full-funnel advertising campaign that our team helped create, built brand awareness online and helped reinforce the core value proposition, clearly defining why someone should buy Loll Designs products. The campaign also identified and targeted key consumers likely to purchase high AOV products.

Since the brand had limited past data, our team built a comprehensive test and learn framework, enabling the business to quickly capture key data points and apply it to their campaigns. This data allowed for the campaigns to quickly scale and the business to efficiently explore new audiences and targeting.

The advertising strategy and campaign ended up being a success, leading to increases in web traffic, revenue, and transactions. 

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