Ecommerce & DTC advertising KPI benchmarks & trends.

We've compiled advertising KPI benchmarks and trends based on the last 28 days of data from high-growth e-commerce & direct-to-consumer brands.

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Benchmarks & Trends.


Benchmarking revenue growth will allow you to understand if you're keeping up with industry growth or falling behind. Monitoring this metric will also help you understand if your metrics align with market trends.


  • Total Revenue: Total revenue from an online store.
  • Total Media Revenue: Total revenue driven by advertising, measured with last-click attribution.

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CPM is a measure of how expensive your advertising is. It's important to manage your CPMs across your campaign.

Expensive CPMs could be an indicator of poor creative performance, incorrect audience targeting, or high-third pass-through costs.


  • Cost per mille (CPM): Cost an advertiser pays to serve one thousand ad impressions.

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CPC is a function of your click-through rate (CTR) and CPM. Some platforms manage bids using CPC (Google ads or PPC platforms) versus CPM (Facebook ads or programmatic platforms).

Improving your CPCs will increase the number of clicks to the website and potential customers you acquire.


  • Cost per click (CPC): Cost an advertiser pays for every click on an ad.

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CTR measures the rate at which users click on your ads. Strong CTRs are important for reducing your CPCs and CPMs. The more engaging and compelling your ad creative, the higher your CTR will be.


  • Click-through rate (CTR): Ratio of users who click on an ad compared to the total number of users shown the ad.

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Conversion Rate.

Conversion rate is the number of website visitors that ultimately purchase a product.

Improving the conversion rate increases overall revenue. It allows the brand to invest more in top-of-funnel advertising, helping it scale more quickly over time.


  • Conversion Rate (LC): Number of website visitors driven by advertising compared to the number of purchases driven by advertising, as measured with a last-click attribution model.

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